Phone Systems

Hosted PBX

A private branch exchange (PBX) phone system automatically routes calls within an organization using multiple phone lines.

Our Hosted PBX systems are housed at Agilis, rather than you having your own PBX with all the maintenance and cost challenges that go with it.

We take care of it for you so you never have to think about it again.

Our Hosted PBX systems offer you automated line switching, phone extensions, the ability to keep your existing phone number – but at a lower upfront cost, lower monthly cost, and lower maintenance cost.

Benefits of Hosted PBX Systems

If you have multiple office locations around the globe, a Hosted PBX manages them all from one location. An extension in Sudbury will reach a person in your Australian office just as easily as it will reach the person down the hall.

If you travel a lot, take one of our analogue telephone adapters (ATA) with you, and use any phone anywhere on the planet (including your hotel room) to connect to your PBX just the same as if you were in the office.

If you have multiple receptionists in multiple locations some of them may experience a higher amount of calls than the others. With our Hosted PBX, answering the phones can be a shared responsibility, regardless of where the receptionist is located or where the call is technically received.

If you need some face time with people at your other office locations, our video conferencing phones are the solution for you.

When you need to make changes to your system, all you have to do is give us a call and our team can make those changes for you. Better yet, we can train you to make the changes yourself. Adding or removing people from your system no longer needs to cause any lag time. And if your needs grow beyond your current plan, a call is all it takes to scale up your solution to meet your expanded requirements.

Free features

At absolutely no extra cost, every extension will enjoy these convenient business tools:

Voice Mail & Voice Mail to Email
Personal voice mail, and the ability to have your voice mail emailed to you.

Caller ID Number & Name 
Displays the number and name of the incoming call.

Automated Attendant 
Your company can have an automated selection tree when people call, so that a live person doesn’t need to handle all incoming calls.

Music on Hold 
Have any MP3 audio file or live Internet stream play when a person is on hold. This is a great opportunity to emphasize any key marketing messages your company may have, or simply provide a more enjoyable sound than silence.

Keeps a customer on hold until somebody answers.

Time Rules for Business Hours 
If a call is received after-hours, it can be automatically routed to a paging service or other feature.

3 Way Calling 
Engage in 3 way conference calls without the need for a dedicated conference line.

If your business has multiple phone numbers, calls can be answered differently depending on the number called.

911 Service 
Emergency 911 services are of course available at all times.


All of our phones come standard with:

  • Integrated Ethernet switch
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) support
  • Intercom
  • Speakerphonet
  • Caller ID
  • Voice mail
  • At least 2 network ports, Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX
  • 1 year warranty

Polycom®SoundPoint® VVX1500

The ultimate phone for the virtualization of the work place, the SoundPoint VVX 1500 takes the connected office to the next level with video calling.


  • Supports up to 6 lines
  • Video calls over IP
  • Colour LCD display with backlighting and wallpaper
  • Touch-based interface
  • One-touch functions
  • App-ready platform

Polycom® SoundStation® IP6000

For conference room settings, you can’t beat a SoundStation. With HD Voice for high-fidelity calls at up to14kHz, conference calls will sound as natural as being there.


  • Patented Acoustic Clarity Technology
  • 12 foot range microphone pickup
  • Premium HD voice quality

Polycom®SoundPoint® IP 670

Our top-quality non-video phone.


  • Supports up to 6 lines
  • Superior HD Voice Quality
  • Colour LCD display with backlighting and wallpaper
  • Advanced SIP functionality
  • Optional Expansion Module

Polycom®SoundPoint® IP 670 Expansion Module

The industry’s first color expansion module, the expansion module simplifies the management and monitoring of a high volume of simultaneous calls.


  • Easy plug-and-play setup
  • User-friendly color call visualization
  • Ability to be configured

Polycom®Soundpoint® IP 650

Our premium IP desk phone.


  • Supports up to 6 lines
  • Superior HD Voice Quality
  • Adaptable to expansions

Polycom®Soundpoint® IP 560

Our middle-range phone.


  • Supports up to 4 lines
  • Superior HD Voice Quality
  • Built-in GigE support

Analog Telephone Adapter

Using the ATA and an Internet connection, you can use any phone anywhere in the world to connect to your Hosted PBX, transforming your hotel room wherever you are into just another remote office. Please ask your representative for details.